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Welcome to Movement Capital. As we evolve in this Open Beta phase, I'd like to share our mission with you…

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Movement Capital (formerly Homestrings) is the leading crowdfunding investment platform for Emerging Markets. Movement Capital democratises access to unique investment opportunities in Emerging Markets. Bringing extraordinary deals within reach of ordinary investors.

We began with a small idea and a big mission - to facilitate African Diaspora investment and make a difference back home. With the support of our 5,000 members, we have raised $25M of investment in 35 deals across 12 countries. With the launch of Movement Capital, we hope to take our mission to the 250 million Diasporans globally and include a broader community of people who are keen to invest with Purpose, Passion and for Profit in Emerging and Frontier Markets, so we have a lot of work to do.

We hope you will join us in order to support companies and projects which aim to generate returns and regenerate regions, because that way everybody wins.

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