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Movement Capital democratises access to exciting investment opportunities in Emerging Markets. Bringing equity and bond investment opportunities within reach of the Diaspora, the crowd and institutional investors.

We provide a community where all investors belong; whether from New York or New Delhi, London or Lagos. We offer a range of diverse and innovative investments that cross time zones, borders and asset classes.

With Movement Capital, a range of people and funds can invest in good company.

Movement Capital


We aim to select some of the most promising private equity and bond investment opportunities in Emerging Markets.

Movement Capital


Our crowdfunding platform offers the opportunity to invest with purpose and target attractive returns. Research our portfolio and register your interest easily and quickly.

Movement Capital


Our investment opportunities give you the chance to fund impactful projects across a diverse range of sectors from tech to transport, finance to healthcare, education to agriculture.

Movement Capital


We regularly update you on the progress and performance of your portfolio across asset classes, companies, countries and communities.

About Movement Capital

Movement Capital, formerly Homestrings, was founded by Eric-Vincent Guichard in 2011. Eric - son of a Guinean father and American mother - grew up in Guinea, studied in Senegal and ultimately ended up working in the USA. Keen to support his community back home, he searched for and struggled to find ways to reliably invest to deliver impact. Homestrings was born from his personal story.

Homestrings rebranded to Movement Capital in 2016, reflecting our ambition to be the world’s leading investment platform for emerging and frontier markets. At Movement Capital we go where the growth is. Where dynamism is the default. Where invention is the necessity. Where the potential is the greatest. Emerging Markets. Where there’s still unbroken ground, unwritten stories and undiscovered opportunities.

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